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What Really Sells a Home, and why choosing your Real Estate Agent is important.

The real estate market in today’s world is up and down, and the real estate market in Central Oregon is no different so we ask; what makes some realtors continue to be successful? We look at the market in Central Oregon and you can’t help but wonder how brokers such as Deb Tebbs and real estate companies such as; Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty continue to be successful. Cascade Sotheby’s sold over $150,000,000 in property in the last year. And it is said that Bend Area real estate isn’t doing so well.

The truth is that the agents, like Debbie Tebbs, that are making profits in today’s market have a vast knowledge and understanding of how to properly sell homes. They do their research on current trends in marketing and use a strategy in order to get properties in front of potential buyers that fit their specific real estate needs.

A successful agent knows that they need to be out there to sell properties and obtain new listings. They need to be on the phone doing follow ups and making sure the clients they do have are happy and at the end of a transaction are thrilled to give a referral. Today more than anything an agent needs to go above and beyond the expectations of their clients.

Today’s flourishing agents are able to understand the current trends in marketing and how it can benefit their business. For example, Facebook is more popular than ever and being social is now a part of marketing a business. What some people don’t understand is that social networks, websites and blogs require consistency. You cannot start up a page and expect everyone to flock to you with listing requests and purchase offers.

Today a top agent can’t count on one avenue for leads. They must embrace the internet and create a presence that is consistent. An online strategy should be in line with physical marketing as well.

Another thing that successful agents of today are is available. When a client needs to reach you, you need to be available or be quick to respond with the answers they need and listens to what you say. If you have ever spent time with a top selling real estate agent you know they rarely put down their cell phone or get too far away from their lap top.

Being a successful real estate agent in Bend, Oregon or anywhere is tough, no matter how the local market is performing. It is more than a full time job, it is a lifestyle and ask any top agent around and they probably can’t tell you the last time they took a day off. Something to think about when you look at what sells a home; how much of sale is the home and how much is the broker who listed it. This is also why it can’t be emphasized enough that you want your real estate agent to be knowledgeable, available, and smart with perspective clients and have a marketing strategy that sets them apart from others. They should have that understanding is really what sells homes.

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