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Five Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

1. Leave the paperwork to them – there can be a lot of it.

2. Process – same idea as paperwork. From research to procedures, from processing to review, leave the heavy lifting to a real pro that won’t miss a beat.

3. Negotiation – buying & selling a home can be a very emotional experience. Allow your Realtor to act as a liaison between you & the buyer or seller, while keeping your best interest at heart.

4. Values – allow your Realtor to research & suggest the most accurate value on your property or one you are interested in. With careful research & expertise, they should be able to help you reach a realistic price that. hopefully, with which both parties can be happy.

5. Teacher – learn from your Realtor. Sure, you know your home better than anyone but a Realtor knows his/her business. Allow them to educate you so you feel confident & knowledgeable throughout the buying/selling process.

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Bend, OR – Speeding Towards Entrepreneurship

According to, Bend, OR is slated to be the “Next Big City for Entrepreneurship”.  Why?  An eclectic, fast-growing business community full of people that choose to be here!  Whether it be a result of all of the sunshine or the limitless recreational activities – the Bend lifestyle is often responsible for turning vacations into relocation.  As a result, the people that come to stay, may bring with them or begin businesses in Bend.



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Bend, OR on List of Improving Markets Index

Bend, OR is #203 out of 291 on National Association of Home Builders/First American’s Improving Markets Index. These figures are based on three sets of data: employment growth, home price growth & single-family housing growth. This article has a link to a spreadsheet of all 291 markets.

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