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Americans Prefer Walkable Communities

NAR’s 2013 Community Preference Survey reported that 60% of those questioned want to live in a community intermingled with both houses & stores (mixed-use) that are easy to reach by walking.  What place do I know that offers neighborhoods with that feature…oh yeah – BEND, OR!

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Sotheby’s International Realty in Times Square

Sothebys Video

The Sotheby’s International Realty brand video will run in New York City’s famed Times Square, throughout the entire month of December. Fantastic positioning & exposure in a highly-trafficked city during a holiday season for which New York is well known for visitors!

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The Breakdown on Electronic Signatures

From handshakes to electronic signatures – how did we get here? Although some parts of the world still consider someone’s word or handshake a binding agreement, this is not the case in America. As more contracts required more signatures and higher tamper-proof security was warranted, the information age came up with its own solution – electronic signatures. The ESIGN Act was passed in 2000, stating that agreements could not be unenforceable, simply because a signature was electronic; however, the signature is still required to be secure.

But how does one ensure that the person signing is who they say they are? Electronic signature providers have a number of authentication steps to guarantee the correct person is singing including: email validation, login names & passwords & even digital certificates. These certificates track where a document goes & what happens to it in each location. Like in police forensics, electronic signatures can provide a chain of custody that paper documents just cant.

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