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Aerial Drones – FAA Delays Rules on Drones Until 2017



By Deb Tebbs Group

Aerial Drones have been one of the hottest pieces of technology over the last two years and many Realtor’s across the country have been using them to take photos of the homes and properties they are selling.

Although the use of drones would be a major advantage for Realtor’s the FAA has yet to agree on an official set of rules for drones and they don’t expect to make any decision regarding drone rules until 2017, or even later.

A Long Time Coming

There’s no denying that the use of drones would be a major advantage for any Realtor since drones can capture fantastic aerial photos of homes and properties but everyone from the Federal Aviation Administration to drone owners can’t agree on what the rules should look like in the future.

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Aerial Drones Changing The Skies

Drones have already been in use by the military and law enforcement around the world for years and if Fortune 500 companies like Amazon have their say we could enjoy same day deliveries by drones in the future.

As of January 2015 the future of commercial drone use in the United States is literally up in the air as the FAA takes it’s time with passing rules for drone use in the United States.

In a recent interview Peggy Gilligan, a safety official with the FAA said this about the pending drone rules: “We all agree that the project is taking too long”.

Until the FAA rules are passed the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has told its members that use of drones for photography or video of properties they are trying to sell is forbidden and if a Realtor is caught breaking these rules they could be subject to a fine from the FAA.

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Simple Tips for Getting Your Bend Oregon Home Ready to Sell in the Spring

Bend Oregon Home For Sale

Winter officially begins on December 21st but with the start of winter this doesn’t mean you should put off getting your Bend Oregon Home ready for sale until the spring.

You can start getting your home ready to sell NOW and ultimately get more money for your home by following the simple tips in this post.

Tip 1: De-Clutter Your Home Now

As Realtor’s we know it’s hard for some homeowners to remove years of clutter from their homes especially if they are only a few days away from their first open house this is why you should start de-cluttering your home now.

Your goal with de-cluttering is to remove all of the items in your home which you’re not using on a regular basis and place those items in boxes and then into storage.

If there are items your family uses regularly like: children’s toys, books, movies, tools or kitchen items, it’s best to keep those things stored out of sight in storage totes or baskets so you can still use them but clear them up at a moment’s notice.

Tip 2: Stage Your Bend Oregon Home to Sell

Staging your home means you will place a minimal amount of furniture in each room of your home.

The purpose with staging is to make the house look tastefully decorated, and lived in, without tons of furniture which will only make your home look smaller.

When staging a home you should also remove big pieces of furniture like a large sofa, recliners or chairs and focus on keeping furniture to a minimum so potential buyers can envision themselves living in your home.

Tip 3: Hire the Best Photographer

Images are everything when selling a home.

When you hire an experienced photographer to take pictures of your home you can have confidence.

One or more of those pictures will catch the eye of a potential buyer since every buyer has something specific they are searching for in a home.

Tip 4 – Hire the Right Realtor

Last of all, but most important, after you’ve laid the foundation to sell your Bend Oregon Home it’s important to hire the right Real Estate agent.

You need a Realtor who is experienced at selling homes and can provide you with references, reviews and a track record of their success.

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Easy Ways to Make Your Home Green

green home

While noble and cost efficient, solar panels can be an eyesore. But, there are ways to minimize your carbon footprint without sacrificing the beauty of your home. In addition to helping the environment, you can save money on your energy bill and increase your health. Here are just a few ideas of how to make your house green, healthy and beautiful.

   Bring Plants Into Your Home

Plants can improve your mood, fight against airborne allergens and toxins and connect your home with the natural environment. Even a little bit of green scenery lets you connect with nature and feel more serene. Plus, the color green can help put your mind at ease and provide a welcoming environment for your guests.

Some plants also function as natural toxin removers. For example, the Lady Palm is known to eliminate ammonia and English Ivy can eliminate formaldehyde. If you live in a hot and sunny climate, consider succulents such as aloe that can remove formaldehyde and benzene, which are often in cleaning products and paint. So, instead of using tons of products and chemicals to remove smells, use any one of these plants to naturally remedy the situation. Not only will you save money but you also will make your home healthier and more environmentally friendly.

   Implement Eco-Friendly Lighting

Another way to boost your eco-friendly motives while re-decorating your home is to switch out your light bulbs. Get rid of energy-sucking compact florescent light bulbs (CFL), and switch to more cost-efficient light-emitting diode lighting (LED).

By switching 25 bulbs from CFLs to LEDs, you will save $6,668.75, or over 50,000 hours of usage for your household, according to Energy-Saving Solutions. This is an easy switch if you have a lot of lamps or lighted ceiling fans; however, if you have an old chandelier, which more than likely is using CFLs, you might want to update to a more modern look affixed with energy-saving LED lighting. Also, when switching these bulbs, consider implementing a dimmer system to help regulate the amount of light being used and even to create some ambiance.

   Regulate Light With Solar Shades

Reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity bill by installing solar shades. While blinds and curtains are good ways to cool your home and regulate lighting, there are many advantages to solar shades. They will simultaneously block harmful UV rays and also allow you to see outside as opposed to opaque blinds, which will block out the views that made you fall in love with your home in the first place. Natural light also can improve the overall attractiveness of your home.

Solar shades also can be helpful tools for regulating the temperature in your home. This will give you an opportunity to curb the use of your air conditioning or heater. On a warm day, you can shut the shades to help cool your home, and on a cold day, you can keep the shades open and utilize the heat from the sun to warm your home. This will both cut down on your electricity bill and be more environmentally friendly.

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