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New Vs. Resale – Which Bend Oregon Home Is Better?

Bend Oregon Home

By Deb Tebbs Group

There’s no denying that we have a lot of new home construction going up around town these days but before you make the decision to buy a new home it’s important for you to think about the differences between a new and used Bend Oregon Home because, each type of home has points you should consider.

Why Buy A New Home?

The number one reason why to buy a new home is that nobody has lived in the home before and you will literally have the opportunity to leave your stamp on the home without having to renovate or deal with the poor decorating or renovating decisions from the previous owner.

Although owning a new home is great, it’s important to consider these important points about what comes with owning a new home:

  • HOA – Most new homes these days are part of Homeowners Associations and you could find yourself paying $50 or more per month for HOA fees.
  • Few Choices – When you move into a new home you will face the reality of having few choices for changing the interior of your home because, the home was just built and no work needs to be done.
  • Undeveloped Neighborhood – Last of all, another important reality which you will face when owning a new home is that you may be buying into a neighborhood that’s not finished yet and this means you will not really know who your neighbors are until construction on homes in the neighborhood are finished.

Why Buy A Resale Home?

When you buy a used or “resale” home you will be able to purchase a property that you might be able to offer less money on compared to a new home because, the resale home needs some renovation.

Older, resale homes also are situated in established neighborhoods so when you move in you’re going to know who your neighbors are and have a good idea of what you can expect in the community as well.

Besides the obvious reasons to buy a resale home, you will also be able to find resale homes which have unique features like built-ins which can’t often be found in newer homes.

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