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If Your Listing Isn’t Getting the Attention You Wanted, Here’s a Few Tips to Try

There’s plenty of reasons a listing may not be getting offers in the first couple of months, but every home will eventually find a buyer that thinks “Wow!.. This home couldn’t be more perfect for me.” The issue could very well be that you are just waiting for that right buyer to start looking on the market! And it could be any day now. But since we’re sure you’re getting antsy about getting it sold, here are a few tricks to try.


 (Photo of 11100 NE Canyons Ranch Rd | Active Listing with the Deb Tebbs Group | MLS #201704635)


Listing Price

Yep.. We’re starting with the one thing you’ve already heard! Every agent will tell you that the most important factor in getting a home sold is pricing it correctly, and it may be time for your property to do a price reduction. If you lower the listing price to a completely different price bracket, you are going to reach an entirely new group of buyers who are desparately trying to find the right home. And for all you know, your right buyer is looking at price ranges just 20k underneath your price! If you’re able to lower it, even a small amount, it can make a big difference. If your home has been sitting on the market with the same price for months, all of the potential buyers in that price range are clearly looking at other homes. And most likely because your home is slightly overpriced.


Photos and Media

Take a look at your home on Zillow or any other real estate site it is posted to, and try to view it as if you were a potential buyer. Is the first picture appealing? Is it as appealing as the other similar homes on the market? Did your agent have an impressive video done? If there are other homes in the same price range as your home, but their marketing and advertising outshines yours, it may pull the attention away from yours. It could be time to get new photos taken or re-organize the photos you already have. The first 4-5 photos should be the most impressive but all the photos should have a really nice flow.


Necessary Repairs

Maintenance could also be another thing holding a buyer back from putting an offer in! If the home has been on the market during our exciting winter months in Central Oregon, it may have repair issues that have surfaced. Your right buyer may want to look at your home at any moment, and in that case, everything in the home needs your attention. Do all the windows open correctly? Does the heat turn on without issue? Is there any plumbing problems through out the house? Having an inspector come through can usually help you find some issues you may have never noticed yourself.


Marketing Your Home

How is your home being marketed to the public? If you have a unique home for a certain buyer, your marketing should tell the story of the home. If you have a very basic home and find it hard to stand out, try a more creative approach to advertising your home. If you’ve exhausted all of your options in trying to get an offer in, it may just be as simple as coming up with a new and better strategy.




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