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Simple Tips for Getting Your Bend Oregon Home Ready to Sell in the Spring

Bend Oregon Home For Sale

Winter officially begins on December 21st but with the start of winter this doesn’t mean you should put off getting your Bend Oregon Home ready for sale until the spring.

You can start getting your home ready to sell NOW and ultimately get more money for your home by following the simple tips in this post.

Tip 1: De-Clutter Your Home Now

As Realtor’s we know it’s hard for some homeowners to remove years of clutter from their homes especially if they are only a few days away from their first open house this is why you should start de-cluttering your home now.

Your goal with de-cluttering is to remove all of the items in your home which you’re not using on a regular basis and place those items in boxes and then into storage.

If there are items your family uses regularly like: children’s toys, books, movies, tools or kitchen items, it’s best to keep those things stored out of sight in storage totes or baskets so you can still use them but clear them up at a moment’s notice.

Tip 2: Stage Your Bend Oregon Home to Sell

Staging your home means you will place a minimal amount of furniture in each room of your home.

The purpose with staging is to make the house look tastefully decorated, and lived in, without tons of furniture which will only make your home look smaller.

When staging a home you should also remove big pieces of furniture like a large sofa, recliners or chairs and focus on keeping furniture to a minimum so potential buyers can envision themselves living in your home.

Tip 3: Hire the Best Photographer

Images are everything when selling a home.

When you hire an experienced photographer to take pictures of your home you can have confidence.

One or more of those pictures will catch the eye of a potential buyer since every buyer has something specific they are searching for in a home.

Tip 4 – Hire the Right Realtor

Last of all, but most important, after you’ve laid the foundation to sell your Bend Oregon Home it’s important to hire the right Real Estate agent.

You need a Realtor who is experienced at selling homes and can provide you with references, reviews and a track record of their success.

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