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250-home subdivision planned in southeast Bend

Bend Oregon Real Estate

With the spring home buying season in full swing many home buyers in Bend Oregon and Deschutes County are faced with the tough realty that lack of home inventory means fewer options for them to choose from thankfully, the lack of home inventory could change in the near future if a proposal to build a 250-home subdivision is approved for southeast Bend.

The Right Time For More Development

The J L Ward Co., a Bend development firm behind a number of large subdivisions, plans to build a new neighborhood near 15th Street, according to city documents. The company has put together a master plan, which is a detailed, long-term plan that shows exactly what will be built and how it will affect surrounding neighborhoods, sewers and roads.

During Wednesday’s city council meeting, Bend residents will have a chance to weigh in on the proposed development. The city council will also have the option to make initial approval on the plan, which kick-starts the development process, according to city documents.

“We do recognize there’s a need for housing especially in this part of town,” said Dean Wise, project manager for the J L Ward Co. “And we’re doing our best to meet that need.”

The plan calls for up to 250 residential lots, one commercial lot as well as neighborhood parks and trail networks on 48 acres off of Country Club Road. Wise said the development will most likely be built in phases — about 30 to 35 homes at a time.

But before that can happen, the J L Ward Co. will have to build sewers, waterlines and roads to service the new homes. The company will prioritize which phases to build first depending on where it would be the easiest and cheapest to build infrastructure, said Wise.

Although Wise and his team are itching to start moving dirt, it could take several years to build out the entire 250 homes, said Wise.

“We’re kind of in a holding pattern until we have an absolute from the city,” said Wise.

After the plan is approved by councilors, the J L Ward Co. will have to submit building plans, a process that could take months, said Colin Stephens, a Bend city planner.

The J L Ward Co.’s plan to build a new neighborhood comes as the state recently approved the city’s plan to expand by 2,380 acres, which means developers can eventually build houses and businesses on currently rural properties. The J L Ward Co. is one of only several developers who plan to build new neighborhoods and business centers in the near future.

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Bend Oregon Real Estate – 3 Things You Should Not Do With Your Down Payment

Bend Oregon Real Estate







BEND, OR. – Are you looking forward to buying Bend Oregon Real Estate? If so, you may be saving money for a down payment on a home like most people and as you get closer to buying a house you might be tempted to use that money elsewhere before you use it for buying a home.

In this article, we will share with you 3 things you don’t want to do with your down payment before using it to buy Bend Oregon Real Estate.

#1 – Don’t Put Your Money under Your Bed

Sadly, in 2016-2017 many people still put some of the money they are saving for a down payment on a home “under their beds”, or they store it somewhere else. This is a bad decision to make because it’s easy to lose cash, or it can get stolen, so it’s best to keep your money in the bank.

#2 – Don’t Want Until the Last Minute to Make Deposits

A typical lender will also want to see that the money for your deposit is “seasoned” and this means that it’s sat in your bank for at least 60 days so if you plan on buying a home in the next six to 12 months you should deposit all of the money you intend on using for your deposit into your account at least 60 days before contacting a lender.

#3 – Don’t Make Risky Investments

With a 20% down payment sitting in your bank account you might be tempted to invest that money in the stock market or another risky investment. Before doing this it’s best to ask yourself if you can really afford to lose any money at all because one loss can easily wipe out the money that you’ve worked hard to save over the years.

If you’re still thinking about investing the money that you should be using for your down payment on a home you should consider putting that money in a CD just so you can make some money from the investment safely and have that money available to use for buying a home when you need it.

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Is Now Still A Great Time To Buy A Bend Oregon Home? The Answer Is Yes

Bend Oregon Real Estate

By Deb Tebbs Group

BEND – Mark Twain once said: “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” and the same can be said about the death of home ownership in 2015 because, it’s still a great time to buy a Bend Oregon home for many reasons including the following.

#1 – Low Mortgage Interest Rates

This year we’ve seen mortgage interest rates hover near 4 percent, or lower, and in spite of the rumor about interest rates increasing we haven’t seen that happen yet and some analysts feel that mortgage interest rates will not increase significantly until the end of the year or beyond.

#2 – Many Mortgage Options

Besides low mortgage interest rates in 2015 there are also more mortgage options than ever before including: HUD, FHA, USDA and VA Loans which make home ownership affordable for just about every home buyer.

#3 – More Inventory

Across Bend we’ve seen the construction of more homes in communities across town plus the development of land in Bend for future communities.

Right now you can find many new homes across Bend which were built by companies like Pahlisch Homes and Hayden Homes with prices ranging in price from $242,990 (Pettigrew Place) to $495,000 (The Bridges at Shadow Glen).

Besides more new home inventory there are also plenty of existing homes for sale in Bend, Sunriver, Redmond and other Central Oregon communities.

#4 – Sellers Ready To Sell

Now that we’ve reached the top of the Real Estate market in Bend there are more sellers who are planning on selling their Bend Oregon Homes now than ever before.

If you plan on buying a home in Bend in the coming months make sure get pre-approved for a mortgage loan and know exactly what you’re searching for in a home before you start your home search.

Doing these two things will help us to find the right home for you, and enable you to move quickly once you find the right Bend Oregon Home that you will really love.

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