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Cascade Sotheby’s CEO predicts biggest brokerages will survive next downturn


Deb Tebbs – CEO of Deb Tebbs Group

BEND, Ore. – What’s the key to success when it comes to selling your home, ranch or land in Central Oregon? It all comes down to choosing the right broker who is not only experienced but also has an attention to detail so that you can have confidence that your best interests are represented during every phase of the Real Estate transaction.

Thankfully, the Deb Tebbs Group continues to be a leader in the Central Oregon Real Estate market and has thrived following the last economic downturn.

In a recent interview with the Bend Bulletin, CEO Deb Tebbs discussed how she got started in Real Estate and how her attention to detail and commitment to excellence has paid off in here career.

Get To Know Deb Tebbs

Deb Tebbs built her career as a real estate broker by listing high-end homes in the Bend area, but her most memorable transaction involved a ranch in Eastern Oregon.

In 2009, a man looking to buy land contacted her from out of state, and she agreed to show him around. Tebbs didn’t know much about ranch land, but she didn’t let go of the opportunity, even after the search extended to Joseph.

“I go tour all the ranches there,” she recalled. “Learn about ranches; learn about cows; learn about hay; learn about everything.”

The client ended up buying a ranch in Colorado, but that wasn’t the end for Tebbs.

One of the ranch owners was so impressed with her work on behalf of the potential buyer, she said, that he decided to list his property with her.

“So, that was a $30 million transaction,” Tebbs said. “And the reason why I got it is that I just was not afraid to go learn about it, was not afraid to go do it. Fear is a thing that holds back most people.”

The ranch owner also saw the marketing value of listing with a nationally branded franchise, Tebbs said, and that’s why she’d brought the Sotheby’s International Realty franchise to Bend in 2006. Tebbs said recognition of the Sotheby’s brand among California buyers helped build her brokerage, Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty, into Central Oregon’s largest by annual transaction volume.

Cascade Sotheby’s brokers handled more than $1 billion in transactions last year, and about $700 million of that was in Central Oregon, the firm said. The next-largest local firm, Coldwell Banker Morris, had $363.6 million in transactions last year, according to Central Oregon Association of Realtors.

Source – Bend Bulletin

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Bend Oregon Real Estate Market – What To Expect For 2017












By The Deb Tebbs Group

BEND, Ore. – Planning on buying or selling a home in the Bend Oregon Real Estate Market during 2017? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we will share with you several things you can expect from the local Real Estate market this year that will affect you if you’ve been thinking of buying or selling a home.

Rapid Growth Predicted For The 2017 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market

Over the last year we’ve seen rapid growth in the Bend Oregon Real Estate Market because more people continues to move to Bend from other cities in Oregon and the United States. When you factor in the new arrivals combined with a shortage of homes in Bend, home prices have continued increasing especially in the lower end of the real estate market where properties that are priced at $200,000 or below will get purchased very quickly.

Due to the rapid growth of the Bend Oregon Real Estate Market, many towns in the surrounding Deschutes County area have seen their home prices experience rapid growth as well, especially Redmond, Prineville, Sisters and La Pine where prices increased by 15 percent or more between 2015 and 2016.

Still Affordable When Compared To Seattle And San Francisco

The median home price in Bend reached $385,000 in September 2016, homes here are still affordable when compared to other cities, especially Seattle and San Francisco where the median home prices in those cities are $612,400 and $1,132,300.

Although some economists feel that we could see a slowdown in the Bend Oregon Real Estate market in 2017 due to higher mortgage interest rates, those rate increases could be offset by fast wage growth this year.

While a number of nonresidential projects have broken ground in Bend, Fratzke said most of them are government buildings or hotels. The only large-scale office building going up in Bend is Crane Shed Commons, a 50,000-square-foot building containing a mix of flexible office and creative space. The building, on SW Industrial Way, is slated to be completed in 2017. Howard Friedman, partner and principal broker at Compass Commercial, said the majority of space in the building is already under lease, and added that the building is leasing at around $2.25 per foot. – Source 

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3 Reasons To Buy Bend Oregon Real Estate After The Start Of The New Year

Bend Oregon Real Estate



By The Deb Tebbs Group

BEND, Ore. – Are you planning on buying Bend Oregon Real Estate next year but can’t decide if you should buy a home after the start of next year or wait until the spring?

Although many people will typically wait until spring or summer to buy a home, you should buy a home after the first of next year for these 3 reasons.

#1 – Mortgage Interest Rates Are Increasing

Right now we still continue to have historically low mortgage interest rates but that could change in 2017 as many people, including President-Elect Donald Trump, are calling for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. If you want to save potentially hundreds of dollars per month off your mortgage payment you should get pre-approved for a mortgage loan soon, and buy a home no later than after the first of next year to avoid paying a higher mortgage after a rate increase.

#2 – A New President Of The United States

Under President Obama, we’ve enjoyed a remarkable period of sustained growth in the Real Estate market but that could change in 2017 as Trump has made his feelings clear about reforming the tax code, Dodd-Frank Act and possibly FHA mortgage loans. These are all ample reasons why any buyer who has a stable job and has saved money for a down payment on a home should buy a home after the start of next year before changes to the Real Estate market could make buying a home unaffordable for them.

#3 – New Homes Available

Thanks to the growth of the Real Estate market we have many new homes available in Bend and communities across Central Oregon like Sunriver, Redmond, and Prineville so if you like the idea of buying a brand new home that’s move in ready, and won’t need any work, now is the right time for you to buy a home in Bend Oregon.

Besides the reasons why you should buy a home after the start of the New Year, you should also seriously consider buying a home if you’re renting because, rents are only going to continue increasing in 2017 and it’s possible that you could see an increase of 2% or more but, you can finally end the “see-saw” ride of renting when you purchase Bend Oregon Real estate.

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To learn more about why you should buy a home after the start of the year, or to view homes for sale in Bend, contact the Deb Tebbs Group today by calling us at (541) 323-4823 or click here to connect with us online.

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