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How to get your Bend Oregon home ready to sell in the shortest time possible

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As long time Realtor’s ® we have helped many clients get their homes ready for sale in the shortest time.

Preparing your Home for sale is important since it will help you to prepare your home as a “product” which has to be sold, and get you ready for the moving on to your next home in the valley.

In this post we will provide you with 7 tips you can start using today which will help you to get your Bend Oregon Home ready for sale so you can move onto your next dream home

Separate Yourself Emotionally From The Home

Start removing all personal effects from your home now to begin the process of separating yourself emotionally from your home.

Some of the things to remove are: family photos, artwork and personal marks you may have left on your home over the years.

Begin The Process of De-cluttering

Clutter is one of the biggest culprits which keeps buyers from seeing the real potential which a home has to offer them.

You should start removing clutter in your home now by starting in the room which you use most often (living room or family room) then moving on to de-cluttering other areas of your home.

Hot tip – Don’t forget to de-clutter and organize those closets by using matching hangers and baskets so your closets will appear neat and tidy.

Get Your Kitchen Organized 

Spend one day going through your kitchen and clean your cabinets, drawers and refrigerator.

After your kitchen is cleaned and organized you should give your kitchen a quick “make over” by replacing old kitchen cabinet knobs and door handles with new hardware.

Start Boxing Up Items You Are Not Using

Box up those items you’re not using on a regular basis and place those boxes neatly in your garage or rent a storage unit so all of your boxes will be out of the way when buyers arrive.

Clean Your Home Thoroughly

Once your home is de-cluttered and organized it’s important to take the time to clean your house thoroughly including the inside and outside of windows, floor boards and all areas a home buyer might inspect.

Give Your Bathroom a Spa Makeover

Clean your bathroom thoroughly, including your medicine cabinet, then purchase white towels, wash cloths and candles to give your bathroom a spa like feel.

Invite Guests Over Before Listing Your Home

Last of all, before you list your home it’s important to invite guests over and ask them to think like buyers and let you know which aspects of your home they find appealing or unappealing.

You might find that some guests think your home has an “odor” or they might recommend minor changes, like removing wallpaper.

Recommendations and ideas from friends and family members could ultimately save you money and the hassle of accepting lower bids on your home from buyers who feel that work needs to be done before they can move in.

Sell Your Bend Oregon Home

For more tips on how to get your Bend Oregon Home ready for sale, or to view homes for sale across Central Oregon, contact the Deb Tebbs Group today by calling us at (541) 323-4823 or CLICK HERE to connect with us online. 

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5 Super Tips for Selling Your Bend Oregon Home


By The Deb Tebbs Group

 BEND, Ore. – Selling your Bend Oregon home? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will share with you 5 super tips you can use for selling your Bend Oregon home.

 Tip #1 – Improve the Landscape Surrounding Your Home

 Landscaping (curb appeal) is one of the biggest things that will help you to sell your Bend Oregon home because if your home looks “scary” you might deter potential buyers from wanting to tour your home so it’s best to improve the landscape surrounding your home before you list it for sale.

 Tip #2 – Remove the Clutter in Your Home

 Clutter can be one of the biggest culprits that makes a home difficult for a Realtor® to sell a home because if there’s stuff everywhere a buyer may wonder what else is wrong with your home and this could deter them from submitting an offer.

 Tip #3 – Yes, Paint the Inside of Your Home

 We know that you’ve been procrastinating painting the inside of your Bend Oregon home but the truth is that one coat of paint will make your home easier for your agent to sell it because a fresh coat of paint can literally brighten up any space and make it feel new.

 Tip #4 – Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

 If you are serious about selling your home for the most money you should hire the best Realtor® who is skilled at marketing and will be able to attract enough interest in your home so it will receive multiple offers.

 Tip #5 – Don’t Forget To Put A Sign In Your Yard!

 This is by far one of the most important tips we can offer you because in the technology age most people are more focused on online listings and forget that they have 100 or more people driving past their home every day and at least one of those drivers could be interested in buying their home so it pays to go with the age old tradition of placing a for sale sign in the front yard while it’s for sale.

 Sell Your Bend Oregon Home

 Get started with selling your Bend Oregon home by contacting the Deb Tebbs Group today by CLICKING HERE or calling us at (541) 423-4823.

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