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Bend Oregon Home for Sale – Top Home Sales Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Bend Oregon Home for Sale

So you’re thinking about listing your Bend Oregon Home for Sale so you can move up to a larger home in Bend before mortgage interest rates change.

 This is a great strategy to have but have you researched the top home sales mistakes that you should avoid making when selling your Bend Oregon Real Estate?

 In today’s post we will cover some of the top home sales mistakes you don’t want to make so you will be a more knowledgeable seller when you finally do list your home for sale.

 Mistake #1 – Overpricing Your Home

 Although the Bend Oregon Home for Sale market is HOT right now the reality is that you can’t afford to overprice your home because, buyers in today’s world will be able to look up your home online and know within minutes if it’s overpriced or not.

 Mistake #2 – Choosing the Wrong Realtor®

 Another consequence of the hot Bend Oregon Real Estate Market is that many people have just decided to become Realtor’s in the last year and even though that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you want to make sure that you hire the most experienced agent to assist you with your Real Estate transaction.

 Mistake #3 – Ignoring OBVIOUS Repairs

 Last of all, but most important, the biggest mistake you can make as a buyer is neglecting obvious repairs which should be made in your Bend Oregon Home for Sale.

 Some of the most obvious repairs in a home include: stained carpeting, worn out flooring, broken tile, bad curb appeal or fading paint.

 If you see parts of your home which are in need of repair you should start making those repairs NOW because it could cost you more money later on.


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To learn more about mistakes you don’t want to make when buying Bend Oregon Home, or to view homes for sale, contact the Deb Tebbs Group today by calling us at (541) 323-4823 or CLICK HERE.

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4 Things You Must Do Before Moving Into a Bend Oregon Home

Bend Oregon Home

You just purchased a Bend Oregon Home and are getting ready to move in but, before you move into your home there are 4 things you must do to insure the safety and security of your home.

#1 – Change the Locks on Your Home

This tip is important because making copies of keys to a home is easy to do over the years and although the previous owner of your Bend Oregon Home has said that they’ve given you all copies of keys it’s important to get new deadbolts for every door since this will insure that you are the only person who has keys to the home.

#2 – Check Your Home for Water Leaks

Yes, your home inspector should have checked you home for leaks but it never hurts to check for leaks yourself.

One of the best things you can do to see if your home has leaks is to check your water meter before and after a two hour period when no water is being used in your home because if your water usage goes up after two hours then you will know that your home has leaks.

#3 – Clean Out You Cabinets

Take the time to clean out the cabinets in your home because, this is a step that most sellers will forget to do.

Use non-toxic cleaner to clean your cabinets and replace contact paper if necessary since this will also insure that you have clean cabinet spaces to place your dishes and personal supplies.

#4 – Find the Circuit Breaker and Main Water Valve

Last of all, but most important you should find the circuit breaker and main water valve for your home because both are essential parts of your home and they may been to be used sometime in the near future.

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For more information on things to do before moving into a Bend Oregon Home, or to view homes for sale, contact the Deb Tebbs Group today by calling us at (541) 323-4823 or CLICK HERE.

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