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Decorating a Vacation Rental Property for Success

While the location and price range may be the most important elements when owning a successful rental property, the furniture and decor are also priority. A welcoming, well-appointed space makes your property more appealing to the discerning renter. Make your property stand out to potential renters with these tips.

   Design Themes

Take into consideration the property’s location when deciding on a theme. In Florida, property managers suggest using a beach theme, while a log cabin motif might be more appropriate for a home in the mountains. Whatever the theme, make an effort to maintain it throughout the house to give the entire space a consistent vibe. Benjamin Moore offers a color-matching app that allows users to easily take their color selections, whether they are trying to match a piece of furniture or coordinate trim with an existing base color.

   Make the Most of Your Space

Vacation rentals are often more crowded than a family home, making the use of space especially important. Provide ample furniture sleeping space for comfort, while still making plenty of storage available to your guests. recommends including enough furniture in the living room of a vacation rental home to seat the maximum occupancy. When it comes to decorative pieces, less is more. Once the space is filled with all of the necessary furniture and amenities, avoid over-crowding with unnecessary decor. Great results can be achieved by making careful choices, though. For example, because a bathroom mirror is a necessity, opt for one that captures your theme such as one surrounded by seashells for a beach property.

   Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

Vacationers are usually seeking a place to relax and enjoy a new destination, and the amenities where they stay are especially important. Televisions, hot tubs, internet access, fireplaces and porches are among the most desirable amenities that renters look for in a rental property, along with the comforts and convenience of home. offers a selection of duvet covers that can transform a frumpy comforter into a new look that complements your theme.

   Specific Types of Renters

Is your home set up for large families, newlywed couples, multi-generational visitors, travelers with pets? Decide what types of renters you are targeting and ensure your home is equipped with all the comforts to attract these renters.

Discover Vacation Homes states that 23 percent of leisure travelers are grandparents, 37 percent of whom have been on a trip with their grandchildren in the past 12 months. Consider offering a kids’ room with bunk beds, tropical fish wallpaper and child-sized furniture to accommodate families traveling with little ones.

Another niche market increasing in popularity is people traveling with pets. Thirteen percent of adults have traveled with pets in the last three years, notes Discover Vacation Homes. Select stain-resistant flooring and easy-clean furniture to make your rental home pet-friendly. You might even find a cute set of dog bowls to have on-hand for your four-legged guests.

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Pronghorn to Host Ghost Tree Invitational in 2014

Pronghorn will be again hosting the Ghost Tree Invitational in 2014 & also plans to hold the event in 2015 & 2016. The 2014 event will be on Friday, August 15 for the golf & Saturday, August 16 for the Dinner. This is a two-day, non-profit event featuring a golf tournament, culinary delights, drinks & dancing & a silent auction. Click here to register, buy tickets or learn more.

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How to Protect Your Identity While Shopping for a Home

The rush of the hunt, the interest of the tour, and the excitement of finding your perfect home are all part of the house buying process, but during that process you hand out a measurable amount of personal information. Protect vital information like social insurance numbers, current addresses and bank account numbers by staying alert and informed. Here are a few tips to help prevent identity theft and ensure your personal information is safe and secure.

   Handing Out Information

When securing a loan or a pre-approval letter, it is important that home buyers only hand out information to trusted banks, financial advisors and real estate agents. In order to stop identity theft, companies like Lifelock are a great place to start. Discuss the process with your Realtor and stress that you want to work with the most trusted institutions. A good Realtor will be aware of the institutions with the best reputations for protecting your information.

   Trusting Your Agent

Another place where information can be lost is through the agent or agency that is being used for your home search. An agent may seem like your best friend but there is a chance that information can be easily lost in the shuffle of paperwork shuffling and listing searches. Most agents do not ask for personal information right away, so be cautious if it’s the first thing they request. During the later stages of buying a home, they’ll need all of this but it’s not necessary while your just browsing and starting the process. Bank account numbers are generally not required until good faith deposits are needed to make an offer.

If you feel uneasy about any of the institutions, go with your gut. There are multiple reputable agencies, brokers, and lenders on the market, so avoid settling for one that you don’t trust.

   Filing Paperwork

One other time where your personal information will be vulnerable is when filing with your financial lender. Paperwork upon paperwork is often required, making it easy to lose notes, leave behind paperwork and have excess copies on-hand. Stay extra organized by investing in a folder or notebook dedicated to your real estate endeavor. Keep all of your personal information confined to one place so that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. If you’re making multiple copies, keep the copies well labeled and make sure you know who will be handling those copies once they leave your sight. Both your agent and your lender will likely be juggling multiple clients at once, so stay organized, confirm receipt of documents, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and follow-up. The more involved and organized you are through the process, the more organized those you work with will be.

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