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5 Helpful Hints for Buying your Dream Home

Purchasing real estate is an unforgettable experience. You are potentially buying the Home of your Dreams which can be both exhilarating and nerve racking. No one purchasing a home wants to make a wrong decision. Below we have provided some tips to help alleviate the risk involved with purchasing a home.

1. Recruit a Buyer’s Agent to facilitate the process.
As a homebuyer you should be represented by your own agent. Your Buyer’s Agent is contracted to do everything possible to protect your best interests. Working with a Buyer’s Agent will assure you that you’re always receiving the best service possible as well as being counseled throughout the entire buying process. This doesn’t mean that you sit on the sidelines. Get involved with your home purchase by knowing the process and asking questions about anything that you don’t understand along the way.

2. Research the Area.
Before buying into a specific area research important key factors such as schools, distance from work and accessibility to health care, shopping and other important places in your life. You may also want to consider each neighborhood in terms of appearance, demographics and affordability. Ask yourself, what factors make up these home prices? Is the neighborhood new, family orientated, generally first time home buyers? You may want to converse with someone in the neighborhood for their positive and negative input. Nothing is better than getting a review first hand.

3. Have a Home Inspection Done
A professional will be able to see things of concern that you may otherwise overlook. Some of these items may include; construction issues, safety issues, or building codes. This doesn’t mean that if the inspector should find items of concern the current home owner will be at liberty to automatically fix or repair them. Each situation and home is different and this is yet another reason to have a Buyer’s Agents for advice regarding the situation.

4. Obtain Pre-Approval for Financing
When the Seller receives an offer on their property two principal factors are immediately considered
•How much is being offered?
•Does the buyer have the financial capability?
A seller won’t know that you are dependable and will be more likely to negotiate money and terms when the funds and finance is not in question.

5. Pledge to the Process
Buying a home is often a prevalent and significant purchase in your life. As a committed homebuyer, you should make a conscious decision to purchase, allow for time off from work and school to search, keep your emotions at bay and consider the advice of the Agent that you have chosen to represent your needs.

We encourage you to review these five tips as well as talk to an expert. Find an Agent who has what you want. Contact Deb Tebbs (541) 419-4553 for any questions regarding Central Oregon real estate. Deb will happily assist you with your luxury home purchase.

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